D’Uva French Polishers has been providing wood restoration services in Perth for over 40 years. We specialise in the restoration and repair of antiques, pianos, automotive woodwork, kitchen doors and cabinets, and office furniture. We also specialise in insurance work, removalist repairs, and colour matching.

If your old furniture needs a makeover or your piano could do with a facelift, D’Uva French Polishers has the experience and know-how to bring your furniture back to life. For your convenience, we offer a free pick-up service throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

Furniture Restoration

Whether it’s a family heirloom, a piece of furniture tucked away in the spare room, or a table that is showing its age, we can restore your furniture to its former beauty.

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Piano Restoration

Our experienced craftsmen perform complete cabinet restorations, including traditional French polishing, repolishing, respraying, and reveneering, using the latest products and techniques to ensure a high quality finish.

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Automotive Woodwork

For over 40 years, we have been recognised as Perth’s leading automotive woodwork restoration company, providing unsurpassed quality and customer service.

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French Polishing

French polishing is the technique used to protect and bring out the natural beauty of wood. Mahogany, walnut, and rosewood benefit most from French polishing, as the popular wood finishing technique creates a very high gloss surface with a deep colour.

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Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen of your dreams is closer than you think. D’Uva French Polishers can strip, refurbish, and refinish your kitchen cabinets and bench top for a fraction of the price of purchasing new ones.

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For further information or a free quote, including insurance quotes, email D’Uva French Polishersor phone (08) 9274 4056.

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