Piano Restorations in Perth

Piano Restorations in Perth

D’ Uva French Polishers is one of the few polishers in Perth that offers piano case restoration services. We are passionate about pianos, especially those of older vintage, and aim to help our customers enjoy their piano to the fullest.

Our experienced craftsmen perform complete cabinet restorations, including traditional French polishing, repolishing, respraying, and reveneering, using the latest products and techniques to ensure a high quality finish.

Our piano repair and restoration services include:

  • Piano Case Restorations (including antique pianos)
  • Complete Piano Cabinet Restorations
  • Modern Finishes
  • Reveneering
  • Traditional French Polishing

D’Uva French Polishers can arrange for the complete restoration of your piano’s internals as well as a professional tuning service.

For further information, a free quote, or an insurance quote (quoting fee applies), email D’Uva French Polishers or phone (08) 9274 4056.