French Polishing in Perth

French Polishing in Perth

D’Uva French Polishers has been providing professional French polishing services in Perth for over 40 years.

French polishing is the technique used to protect and bring out the natural beauty of wood. Mahogany, walnut, and rosewood benefit most from French polishing, as the popular wood finishing technique creates a very high gloss surface with a deep colour.

At D’Uva French Polishers we specialise in French polishing in the traditional way, using shellac and multiple coats of polish to ensure a superior finish. Almost all furniture from the Georgian, Regency, and Victorian eras was sealed in this manner.

Pick-up & Delivery Service Available

D’Uva French Polishers offers customers throughout the Perth metropolitan area a pick-up and delivery service. We will collect your furniture, bring it back to life with a professional French polish, and then return your item to your home or office.

For further information, phone (08) 9274 4056.